Top 5 Indoor Golf Games

Golf is one of the best followed and participated sports in the world, but there is one factor that can ruin it in an instance – the weather. If it is belting down with rain, you might as well stay at home rather sitting in the club house waiting for the grey clouds to blow over. If you are still wanting to get your golf fix in, here are some of the best games to be released for consoles throughout the eras.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008
Arguably the best edition in the Tiger Wood series, PGA Tour 2008 bring a more realistic edge to playing on a console. Released at the back end of the 2007, gamers can hit the fairways as their favourite players such as Justin Rose, John Daly and of course, Tiger himself. With season modes, challenges and multiplayer options available, it is a game perfect for all occasions.

Wii Sports
The golf game comes as part of the overall Wii Sports package and offers gamers the most unique playing style. Using the Wii remotes, players can re-enact a fully golf swing to ping their ball around the course, with the slightest miss hit seriously hampering your game.

The Argyle Open
The Argyle Open is a slot game available at many mobile casino, which is inspired by the game of golf, and offers you images of golfers, tees, shoes, clubs, drivers and other golfing sights on the reels – with a course and a castle as the backdrop. It also offers you plenty of ways to win a payout, including no less than 40 pay lines, a $500 jackpot and free spins. You can get these extra spins if you manage to activate the Tournament bonus game, by getting at least three balls and holes on a reel, and the three rounds of this game can potentially add multiple bonuses to your eventual payout. With a great golf theme and plenty of cash up for grabs, The Argyle Open is a truly the golden slot.

Lee Trevino’s Fighting Golf
Being the oldest game on our list, Lee Trevino’s Fighting Golf first came out in 1988 for the NES console. With up to four players being able to play at one time, the aim of the game is to work your way around the course and amass the smallest amount of shots – just like in real  golf. Characters include Big Jumbo, Pretty Amy and Trevino himself under the alias Super Mex.

Cyber Tiger
Cyber Tiger was the first game to see the world’s greatest player Tiger Woods appear in a self-titled edition. The 2000 release was brought out on a variety of platforms ranging from PlayStation to GameBoy Colour. Starting in a career mode, players would work their way through the field taking on the crème de la crème of golf and eventually become the World Number 1.

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