Texas Golfer Hot List: The Golf Glove Keeping Us Cool

The Texas Golfer Magazine team has had the pleasure of trying out Caddy Daddy’s new Talon Golf Glove over the last couple months, as this notorious Texas heat begins to set in on us all.

Talon Golf GloveWhat we have on our hands is a leather and micro-suede glove with mesh and a perforated design on both sides. Basically, it’s like your hand is wearing what wide receivers in college and the NFL are wearing these days, except it’s shaped like a golf glove. None of our golf buddies even noticed our glove was any different from theirs, until we showed them our new competitive edge.

Besides looking good, the glove has one of the greatest grips we’ve encountered and it is very comfortable. Most notable, however, is the Talon Golf Glove’s ability to keep our hands cool and comfortable, even in sweaty, humid (Hello, Houston) conditions. It’s held up over the last few months of use, with the grip re-energizing with each cleaning.

Some players might notice it doesnt feel like your typical golf glove and requires a little getting used to, but we adapted to using it in no time. With gripping and cooling powers like this, it’s like it was made specifically for Texas Golfers.


Texas GolferTexas Golfer Hot List: The Golf Glove Keeping Us Cool