Texas Golfer | RSS Feed Thu, 14 May 2015 21:10:28 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=4.1.11 Texas Golfer Hot List: The Golf Glove Keeping Us Cool /texas-golfer-hot-list-the-golf-glove-keeping-us-cool/ /texas-golfer-hot-list-the-golf-glove-keeping-us-cool/#comments Thu, 14 May 2015 20:38:42 +0000 /?p=255 The Texas Golfer Magazine team has had the pleasure of trying out Caddy Daddy’s new Talon Golf Glove over the last couple months, as this notorious Texas heat begins to set in on us all.

Talon Golf GloveWhat we have on our hands is a leather and micro-suede glove with mesh and a perforated design on both sides. Basically, it’s like your hand is wearing what wide receivers in college and the NFL are wearing these days, except it’s shaped like a golf glove. None of our golf buddies even noticed our glove was any different from theirs, until we showed them our new competitive edge.

Besides looking good, the glove has one of the greatest grips we’ve encountered and it is very comfortable. Most notable, however, is the Talon Golf Glove’s ability to keep our hands cool and comfortable, even in sweaty, humid (Hello, Houston) conditions. It’s held up over the last few months of use, with the grip re-energizing with each cleaning.

Some players might notice it doesn’t feel like your typical golf glove and requires a little getting used to, but we adapted to using it in no time. With gripping and cooling powers like this, it’s like it was made specifically for Texas Golfers.


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Quality prints of Chapman’s ‘Infamous 18 Holes’ available /quality-prints-of-chapmans-infamous-18-holes-available/ /quality-prints-of-chapmans-infamous-18-holes-available/#comments Mon, 02 Feb 2015 22:23:11 +0000 /?p=227 While some of today’s younger golfers may not be aware of them, many of their parents and grandparents do remember seeing the “Infamous 18 Holes” painted by golfer/artist Loyal H. (Bud) Chapman when they were introduced in the late 1970s.

After being featured on the cover of Golf Digest Magazine, art prints posters of the unique imaginary course were made available for sale here and in Japan.

These posters were produced by the four-color separation printing process used at the time and came close to duplicating the originals, but now the new Gicleé printing process is able to produce true replicas of the original paintings, allowing TPK Golf to re-issue them as art quality prints.

“The difference in color, brightness and shading, and how that affects depth perception is amazing,” reported TPK Golf CEO Vlad Gribovsky, the official dealer.

The Gicleé prints will be 22×28 inches, about 40 per cent of the size of the original paintings, and will be on archival paper.

TPK Golf will be showing the quality prints to golf professionals in booths 3204 and 3205 at the PGA Merchandise Show, scheduled Jan. 21-23 in Orlando. They will also be on display in the “New Products” section.

Larger art quality prints of the “Infamous 18 Holes” are also available to art collectors. Go to tpkgolf.com for additional information and to get glimpses of the unusual holes.

Chapman, 92, is a native of Minnesota who now lives in Florida. He began painting at an early age and got his start in golf as a caddie at age 12. He was a commercial artist after his discharge from the service as a pilot in World War II. He was a perennial champion at his own club, won several state tournaments and participated in many USGA national events. Today, he regularly betters his age.

As famed golf course architect Pete Dye once noted, “Bud’s innovative thinking certainly influenced many designers to make contours a little steeper and the bunkers a little deeper and generally to think outside the box with news designs, and, in that way Bud made a great contribution to the game.”

About TPK Golf

TPK offers quality leather products made in the United States for golfers. Owner Vlad Gribovsky is also the agent for artist Bud Chapman and the Infamous 18 Holes of Golf and the patent holder and manufacturer of the Putting Stick®. For more information, call 800-433-4653, 952 442-5022, email vlad@vge.vg or visit www.tpkgolf.com


About the Artist

Loyal H. “Bud” Chapman’s lust for life is reflected in his painting, which deftly combines his love for golf with love of our earth’s varied beauty. A native of Minnesota, Chapman, 92, began painting at an early age and played his first round of golf as a caddie at the age of 12 at Interlachen Country Club, the site where Bobby Jones finalized his grand slam. During World War II, Chapman flew B-29s and created a comic strip called “Willie Washout”. After his discharge from the service, he attended Walker Art School in Minneapolis, and later opened his own art studio, starting his career as a commercial artist. In 1972 he started and completed his first golf painting, Victoria Falls Golf Club. Seventeen more holes followed over the next 10 years that were to be the 18 Infamous Holes. To climax and complete the series, he created the 19th Infamous Hole Golf Course. The imaginary holes first appeared in Golf Digest Magazine and later were featured internationally in Reader’s Digest Magazine. They have appeared and been featured on numerous television talk shows and have been distributed throughout the world. Famed golf course architect Pete Dye noted,” Bud’s innovative thinking certainly influenced many designers to make contours a little steeper and the bunkers a little deeper and generally to think outside the box with news designs, and, in that way Bud made a great contribution to the game.” As a scratch golfer, he has been a perennial champion as his own club, won several state tournaments and has participated in many USGA national amateur events. He regularly accomplishes the feat of bettering his age even today. He holds a pilot license and is always seeking out adventure, whether it’s fishing, hunting or searching for buried treasure.








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Top 5 Indoor Golf Games /top-5-indoor-golf-games/ /top-5-indoor-golf-games/#comments Tue, 13 Jan 2015 17:10:03 +0000 http://legacywebdesigners.com/golf/?p=205 Golf is one of the best followed and participated sports in the world, but there is one factor that can ruin it in an instance – the weather. If it is belting down with rain, you might as well stay at home rather sitting in the club house waiting for the grey clouds to blow over. If you are still wanting to get your golf fix in, here are some of the best games to be released for consoles throughout the eras.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008
Arguably the best edition in the Tiger Wood series, PGA Tour 2008 bring a more realistic edge to playing on a console. Released at the back end of the 2007, gamers can hit the fairways as their favourite players such as Justin Rose, John Daly and of course, Tiger himself. With season modes, challenges and multiplayer options available, it is a game perfect for all occasions.

Wii Sports
The golf game comes as part of the overall Wii Sports package and offers gamers the most unique playing style. Using the Wii remotes, players can re-enact a fully golf swing to ping their ball around the course, with the slightest miss hit seriously hampering your game.

The Argyle Open
The Argyle Open is a slot game available at many mobile casino, which is inspired by the game of golf, and offers you images of golfers, tees, shoes, clubs, drivers and other golfing sights on the reels – with a course and a castle as the backdrop. It also offers you plenty of ways to win a payout, including no less than 40 pay lines, a $500 jackpot and free spins. You can get these extra spins if you manage to activate the Tournament bonus game, by getting at least three balls and holes on a reel, and the three rounds of this game can potentially add multiple bonuses to your eventual payout. With a great golf theme and plenty of cash up for grabs, The Argyle Open is a truly the golden slot.

Lee Trevino’s Fighting Golf
Being the oldest game on our list, Lee Trevino’s Fighting Golf first came out in 1988 for the NES console. With up to four players being able to play at one time, the aim of the game is to work your way around the course and amass the smallest amount of shots – just like in real  golf. Characters include Big Jumbo, Pretty Amy and Trevino himself under the alias Super Mex.

Cyber Tiger
Cyber Tiger was the first game to see the world’s greatest player Tiger Woods appear in a self-titled edition. The 2000 release was brought out on a variety of platforms ranging from PlayStation to GameBoy Colour. Starting in a career mode, players would work their way through the field taking on the crème de la crème of golf and eventually become the World Number 1.

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Improve Your Game with New Irons /improve-your-game-with-new-irons/ /improve-your-game-with-new-irons/#comments Mon, 22 Dec 2014 17:52:06 +0000 http://legacywebdesigners.com/golf/?p=144 By Ed Travis

Having the proper irons can make all the difference in your scoring and the best way to ensure the set you are carrying meets your needs is to be fitted by a PGA Professional. Iron makers are using many of the features found in drivers such as more flexible faces and multi-material construction to improve performance, forgiveness and distance. So if you are playing with a set a few years old now is the time to look at what club manufacturers are offering. For the coming season here are some of the new models we think are worth consideration.

TaylorMade Golf researched how amateur golfers contact the ball and found 76% of all iron shots are not struck in the center of the face where the greatest ball speeds are produced. This fact lead them two years ago to introducing a slot in the sole which improved off center impacts especially those low on the club face and made the RocketBladez, SpeedBlades and SLDR irons very popular.

For 2015 TMaG is introducing the RSi line ($799 steel and $899 graphite) that takes the improved impact idea a step further. In a first and what may be game changing design the RSi models have not only a sole slot but in the 3 through 8 irons two slots in the face—one towards the toe and one towards the heel. The company says this it provides all golfers with the “technology to have their mis-hits perform more like pure strikes.”

Adams Golf known for their golfer-friendly hybrids has the new Idea Tech Hybrid Iron set–designed specifically for golfers with slower swing speeds to hit the ball higher and with more distance than traditional irons. They added a 24-gram weight in the back of the hybrids (3-5) making the center of gravity lower and further back than any previous Adams hybrid for better trajectory. They also have in the 6-iron through pitching wedge a redesigned wrap-around slot that stretches from the toe across the sole of the club and into the crown. A set of 3-5 Hybrid, 6-7 Driving Hybrid and 8-PW Hybrid Irons is $800 in steel and $900 in graphite.

Hollow irons aren’t new but when made by Mizuno Golf, known for its history of excellence in irons, they are worth a look. The new MP-H5 model ($1,000 3-PW) is meant for those using traditional-design irons but who want the benefit of more distance and technology. Through the 6-iron there is a full hollow construction and for the 7-pitching wedge a half-hollow head with all having a thin line top line and good forgiveness characteristics.

The new G30 irons from Ping Golf have progressive offset with a new thinner face to help launch the ball high yet, the company says, significantly farther. Ball speed has been improved with Ping’s Custom Tuning Port that sits very low to strengthen the face plus the center of gravity has been moved lower and further back to help improve the launch trajectory and give a solid feel. The clubheads of the G30s are slightly longer to increase the modulus of inertia to reduce twisting should the impact be off center. Also the sole has been given a softer lead-edge radius with slightly more bounce to give a smoother path through turf. Retail price for 4-pitching wedge with steel shafts is $700 and with graphite shafts $790.

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Hot Drivers for Next Season /hot-drivers-for-next-season/ /hot-drivers-for-next-season/#comments Mon, 22 Dec 2014 16:30:54 +0000 http://legacywebdesigners.com/golf/?p=139 By Ed Travis

Golf may not have a hot stove league like baseball but that doesn’t mean during the off season we can’t look ahead at the new equipment coming on the market and at least get an idea which of the new number one woods we want to check out.

We surveyed club companies and came up with a list of drivers worth consideration tring to cover ones for all levels of players. A caveat though, the largest club company TaylorMade Golf, as of the time this is being written has not released any information about their drivers for 2015. However, with that in mind here is the list.

Tour Edge Golf may have this year’s most attractive new driver with its Hot Launch model. Hot Launch has all the bells and whistles—adjustable hosel from 8.5 to 12.5 degrees, four piece forged clubhead and rear sole weighting but the best feature is the price, $199.99 which is half or less than most competitors. Tour Edge’s reputation is for manufacturing high quality clubs using the latest materials, design and technology at very competitive pricing but the Hot Launch takes this all to another level.

You have probably seen the pink-shafted G30 driver from Ping Golf being used by Bubba Watson on television since it was released to tour pros late last summer. Though Bubba swings the Tour Model the regular model shares the “Turbulators” on the crown for less wind resistance. The G30 ($350) has a 460cc clubhead and loft adjustments from plus 1 degree to minus 1 degree in either the 9 degree or 10.5 degree head. Ping also has moved the center of gravity towards the rear of the clubhead and a new thinner and hotter titanium face.

Being an odd-numbered year it’s time for Titleist Golf’s new drivers and the new models for 2015 won’t disappoint you. The 915 D2 (460cc $449) and D3 (440cc also $449 but for higher swing speeds) are adjustable at the hosel with 16 loft and lie combinations and in a first for Titleist a sole slot (tagged the Active Recoil Channel) behind a forged face insert.

Over at Callaway Golf we like the looks of the all three of their new model drivers but the Big Bertha V Series ($400) seems the most interesting. It’s lightweight at less than 300-grams with a big face making it a potential choice for slower swinging players such as seniors to help them generate higher clubhead speed. Adjustability comes in the form of Callaway’s hosel system with a choice of eight different loft (-1, S, +1, +2) and lie angle (Draw or Neutral) configurations to aid in matching the Big Bertha V to your needs.

Nike Golf is pushing the competition with the new Vapor Flex driver ($500) and repeats a winning feature from last season, FlyBeams to stiffen the unique cavity back in the clubhead first seen two years ago on the Covert series drivers. It is adjustable with five lofts and three face angles for 15 user-controlled settings. They also have redone a design of the sole channel and added a weighted tube at the rear of the sole that can be switched end-for-end to move the center of gravity to further adjust the Vapor Flex’s ball trajectory.

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