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Texas Golfer Hot List: The Golf Glove Keeping Us Cool

The Texas Golfer Magazine team has had the pleasure of trying out Caddy Daddy’s new Talon Golf Glove over the last couple months, as this notorious Texas heat begins to set in on us all. What we have on our hands is a leather and micro-suede glove with mesh and a perforated design on both sides. Basically, it’s like your

Texas GolferTexas Golfer Hot List: The Golf Glove Keeping Us Cool
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Quality prints of Chapman’s ‘Infamous 18 Holes’ available

While some of today’s younger golfers may not be aware of them, many of their parents and grandparents do remember seeing the “Infamous 18 Holes” painted by golfer/artist Loyal H. (Bud) Chapman when they were introduced in the late 1970s. After being featured on the cover of Golf Digest Magazine, art prints posters of the unique imaginary course were made

Texas GolferQuality prints of Chapman’s ‘Infamous 18 Holes’ available
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Top 5 Indoor Golf Games

Golf is one of the best followed and participated sports in the world, but there is one factor that can ruin it in an instance – the weather. If it is belting down with rain, you might as well stay at home rather sitting in the club house waiting for the grey clouds to blow over. If you are still wanting to get your

Texas GolferTop 5 Indoor Golf Games
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Improve Your Game with New Irons

By Ed Travis Having the proper irons can make all the difference in your scoring and the best way to ensure the set you are carrying meets your needs is to be fitted by a PGA Professional. Iron makers are using many of the features found in drivers such as more flexible faces and multi-material construction to improve performance, forgiveness

Texas GolferImprove Your Game with New Irons
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Hot Drivers for Next Season

By Ed Travis Golf may not have a hot stove league like baseball but that doesn’t mean during the off season we can’t look ahead at the new equipment coming on the market and at least get an idea which of the new number one woods we want to check out. We surveyed club companies and came up with a

Texas GolferHot Drivers for Next Season